Thursday, October 27, 2011

Norgie Hat

This is my Norwegian inspired hat for fall and winter, in honor of my huband's heritage and his family in Norway.

For the smaller head, 78 stitches joined in the round (tweens to teens, will fit some womens heads. Should fit a head that is about 22.5 inch circumference (56 cm))
For a larger head, 91 stitches joined in the round.

I did 2 inches of K2,P2 for the brim in lighter color on size 6 using the magic loop (you can use DPNs if you prefer).

Read the chart from bottom to top, each row beginning on the R and moving towards the L. pick whatever 2 colors of your choice, the darker choice being the black squares and the light choice being the white squares. once the chart is completed:
knit in the lighter color for about 6 rows.
1) knit 5, K2tog
2) next row and every even row knit entire row
3) knit 4, k2tog
5) knit 3 k2tog
7) knit 2, k2tog
9) knit 1, k2tog
13)bind off, tighten the yarn, and sew the small hole closed inside the hat.

The pattern generator I used started at 2 instead of 1. I dont know why. But there is NOT a row missing, promise.

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