Saturday, December 17, 2011

Watson's Heinous Handmade Scarf

In Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Watson shows up to see Holmes wearing a charming homemade scarf, which of course Holmes makes fun of, calling it the "heinous handmade scarf" and "clearly" one of his fiance's "earlier" attempts.

I picked 100% wool yarn from a chain store for a reason; that anyone who wants it can buy it, and can probably find it easily; and that it will block. One single handpainted skein with these colors perfectly spaced out would look best, but I cant dye my own yarn so I bought three colors to work with!

Needle size: 8
Cast on 44 stitches in Patons CLassic Wool, Chestnut brown.
K1, P1 for 16 rows
Switch to Aran (creme color), K1, P1 2 rows
Switch to Denim (blue color), K1, P1 8

Switch back to Aran, K1, P1 2 rows

Repeat this as many times as you like until your scarf is long enough for your tastes.
I noticed in the film that the blue in the scarf seemed to change width; sometimes thinner (6 rows) sometimes almost as thick as a brown stripe. If you'd like to mix up the widths of the blue feel free to do so. Just add or subtract a blue color here and there!

COLOR CHANGES: if you haven't done this before simply search for it on YouTube for a nice visual tutorial. It's very easy; you just pick up the new color and start knitting with it; but sometimes people (like me) are visual and need to SEE that haha. It truly is easy.
Because these at large blocks I do not suggest "floating" strands of colors until you need them again. Cut the yarn do that you can weave in ends. I've also been tying small knots to keep things from unraveling.
The tassels at the end are optional (i pretty much hate them personally), I will add a tutorial about tassels here very soon